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Friday, October 28, 2016

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Nurse accused of murdering two elderly women denies boasting about knowing how to use insulin as murder weapon

A registered nurse, accused of murdering two elderly women at a northern New South Wales nursing home, says she cannot remember a conversation in which she allegedly boasted about knowing how to kill someone with insulin, a court hears.

Thai activist fired from Sydney job due to fear of vigilante attacks

A Thai man living in Sydney is sacked from his restaurant job after being targeted by an ultra-royalist group known as the Rubbish Collection Organisation.

Man who murdered parents 'resented frequent childhood beatings'

A man who was found guilty of murdering his parents at a property in Wangaratta resented his parents for repeated beatings, a presentence hearing in the Supreme Court in Melbourne is told.

Stan Grant to join ABC as editor of Indigenous Affairs

Stan Grant, one of Australia's best known and most respected journalists, is joining ABC News as an editor of Indigenous Affairs coverage.

Award-winning Canberra underpass challenges 'creepy' stereotype

A unique pedestrian crossing beside Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra wins a major infrastructure award, and aims to challenge the 'creepy' stigma associated with similar underpasses.

Opinion: Jessica Wongso may not yet have had a fair trial

A young Australian has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for murdering her friend, but the evidence against her was circumstantial and threadbare, writes Professor Simon Butt.

'They celebrated while we wept': Family slams marketing giant's handling of son's death

A grieving mother is accusing marketing giant Appco of exploiting her young son and displaying callous and disrespectful behaviour when he was killed following a work function.

Veteran argues against planned SA mental health changes

War veterans will be less likely to seek mental health treatment once a current Adelaide hospital facility moves, a returned serviceman with post-traumatic stress disorder warns.

Lawyers share more experiences of sexual harassment

Lawyers have written to the ABC to share their own stories of sexual harassment at law firms in response to 7.30's story on the topic yesterday.

Red Cross data breach could have exposed donors to identity theft

Information from the Red Cross data breach could have been used for identity theft, blackmail or sold on the black market if "unsavoury" criminals had obtained it, a cyber security expert says.